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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Edward Earl Gates I

Edward Earl Gates I

            Edward Earl Gates was born in Whitestown, Oneida County, New York, November 23, 1839.  He married Emma L. Thurston from Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, July 2, 1862.  She was born in England, July 12, 1840.  They were blessed with six children.  Two died as infants.  The oldest living child was Alfred Russell, who was born in Hamilton, Madison County, New York, and their second child was Nina Emma who was born in Trenton, Oneida County, New York.

They moved their home and business from Oneida County New York (footnote Hill Onidah is mentioned twice in the Book of Mormon, Alma 32:4 where Alma taught a multitude of people and Alma 47:5, called the Place of Arms) to Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri between July 1867 and July 1870, wagon load at a time.  Three children were born to them there.  Rupert, who died at two days old, Allen Leonard also died within the first year after his birth, and Lamont Addison who lived a long life.  Opal Iona (this is my great aunt Opal who passed down the heirloom letter) was born at Shariton, Missouri, August 9, 1875.  Emma Thurston Gates died, October 12, 1879, when little Opal was only four years old.

            After the grieving for Emma, E.E. married a beautiful, good, and lovely woman of Swedish descent, Augusta Gorman.  Augusta is the daughter of Charles Gorman and Fredrica Peterson Gorman, born October 4, 1881 or 1882.  She was a wonderful organist and a religious Methodist.  Nina and Opal sang in the choir when they were old enough.

Augusta Gorman Gates

On the ranch in Marceline, Linn County, Missouri, Augusta and Edward were blessed with four sons:  Edward Earl who became a rancher (Ed Yates), Mark Gorman, a doctor, Clarence Lee, a businessman, and their youngest, Mercer H. in memory of his mother's family.

Inset, Mercer. Back row Lamont Addison, Nina, Opal
Front row Mark Gorman, Clarence Lee and
Edward Earl II

Mark drowned when he was hunting with some other doctors.  Mercer died from tuberculosis after being gassed by Germans in World War I.

Edward was a cobbler by trade, and spent years making women’s fancy shoes.  He was a fine shoe maker and harness maker, his son told me.  He was a small man, but knew jujitsu and could defend himself.  He also played violin.  Grandad told this about his father.  When they fed the stock in winter, it was so cold, ice caked on their face.  Edward came in where Augusta had a warm fire to thaw himself out over the stove, eat, and go back out.  Grandad was just a boy, but he was always with his fathers. His dad said, "That little kid is the best hand I've ever had."

Edward Earl Gates I in his shop in LaHarpe, KS

In August 2004, I, Naomi, traveled through Kansas where Edward Earl Gates I and William Sigler lived and were buried.  I visited the the Iola, Kansas library and found their obituaries on microfilm.  This news article gave many details about their live, including the fact that Edward Earl Gates, rose out of sleep to tell the family he was saved right before he passed away. 
This short notice in the Iola Register, about Edward Earl's death, dated Thursday Evening, October 15, 1925:

            Friends of Mr. E.E. Gates will be sorry to learn of his serious illness and will hope for his speedy recovery.

I also found the obituary for E. E. Gates:

            Edward Earl Gates was born in New York Mills, N.Y., November 23, 1839, and was united in marriage to Miss Emma Thurston, July 1864.  To this union were born three sons and two daughters.  The living are: Alfred I. Gates, Utah; Mrs. Nina E. Shriver, Bolivar, Mo.; Lamont A. Gates, Mont.; Mrs. Opal I. Bibens, Kincaid, Kansas.

His wife, Emma Thurston, died October 12, 1879.

            Edward Earl Gates was united in marriage with Miss Augusta J. Gorman, October 4, 1884.  To this union were born four sons, Edward E. Gates, (Grandad) Saguache, Colo.; Mark D. Gates, Santa Monica, Calif.; Clarence Gates, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mercer H. Gates, Santa Monica, Calif.

             When about 24 years old Brother Gates was converted and united with the Baptist church.  After   moving to Bolivar, Mo., he united with the Methodist Episcopal church and remained a member until death, living a consistent Christian life.  He was a faithful husband, a devoted father, a real friend, and enjoyed the esteem and respect of his neighbors.

            His hold on God and hope of immortality was very strong.  The paralytic stroke which he sustained about a year ago made it very hard for him to talk, but he tried to talk at the end which was caught a sentence at a time.  He said, "I am saved," then asked each one present if they were saved.  Later he expressed a wish for the salvation of his sons and said, "I'm glad it is over," and then said goodbye, "God bless you" and was gone.  Quietly and peacefully the end came at , Tuesday evening, October 13, 1925, aged 85 years, 10 months and 20 days.

The funeral services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. W. L. Morris in the LaHarpe Methodist church, Thursday at , and interment was in the LaHarpe cemetery.

This notice also appeared:

The sympathy of the many friends of Mrs. E. E. Gates goes out to her in her bereavement in the loss of her dear husband who passed away October 13, 1925.

This notice appeared in the "LaHarpe News Notes" in the Iola Register, Friday Evening, October 16, 1925:

Funeral services for Mr. E. E. Gates, whose death occurred Tuesday night about , were held Thursday afternoon at from the home, with the Rev. W. L. Morris officiating, and burial was made in the LaHarpe cemetery.

Augusta Gorman Gates

Edward Earl Gates I, died October 13, 1925 in LaHarpe, Allen County, Kansas. Augusta Gorman Gate's, Grandad Ed Gates (Yates) mother, died February 20, 1939 in Los Angeles, California where she was living with her son, Clarence.  We have two beautiful photographs of her.  One as a young woman and the other when she was older.

            My great grandfather, Ed Yates (Edward Earl Gates, Jr.) who we children called Grandad, said, "I never knew a harder working man than my father, Edward Earl Gates." 

Edward Earl Gates II (Ed Yates)

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